Bad Wunnenberg girl seriously wants a crazy night

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Other Partytreffs Printable View. Show post s from this thread on one 2 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to :. The other girls were just average and below in looks. The ratio of guys during the week are pretty consistent I am still curious about the ratio. Is it 2 girls:1 man or ? How difficult was it to get a better looking girl? Do you just take a or queue up? Can you tell them to find you when they are free? Thanks, Bob. What is the ususal ratio during the day?

What sort of activities are available while the ole battery is recharging? Do the girls really get into the sauna? Most places it seems the girls are either not allowed there or are afraid of getting hot. Is there a place to take a short nap? The ratio of women to men varies during the day, can't say more women than men earlier or later.

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I wouldn't worry about what time to get there nor about the of dudes there. You will be serviced and you will have your fill. I can't speak for weekends though. And even if there are lot of dudes there, its only the ones who can still get it up you will be in competition with for action. The women will go around asking who wants some and guys will actually say no, they need a break.

The sauna is the best place to get away for some quiet time. PT Dorsten has a downstairs resting area with reclining chairs. You can take a nap down there.

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No, the women, as a rule, don't visit the sauna. PT Wagenfeld has a pool but not all women will get into it. Patrizia would grab me by the hand and we'll go in and fool around. Nice wet and slippery. Are the girls really keen of giving you good sex or is it just mechanical. Is it common that the men are giving them "extra money" I can thinking of doing that myself for better sex!

Is most of the sex going on "public"? I hope someone can answer BL. You will not get "better sex" if you tip. Put another way: [b] If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There are no wait lists or lines.

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If you hit it off with her personality-wise, you will probably be able to see her a couple of times. Your personal chemistry does matter too. Do not underestimate this. If you speak perfect Polish, you will be in seventh heaven at these clubs. At Wagenfeld, they make it a point to meet everyone in the club so if you are just sitting doing nothing, women will even just come up to you to say "hi".

This is why I like this club. I always had a good time with Suzi so I always did multiple sessions with her in the span of a stay. She would, in fact, come looking for me and ask me for massages. These massages always led to sex. Don't expect to be able to monopolize just one girls time though. They have to meet everyone at the club and they keep mental notes of who they've been with and who they still need to meet. If she's free and nobody new has come into the club lately who she has to meet, and you can still get it up, there is no reason why you can't ask her for another session.

I have trouble believing that and I wrote it but it is true. For those of you driving, get the map to PT off their site because the GPS got a bit lost in the back country.

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This was only my second time at PTD and so I was totally surprised when Roberto, the manager, remembered my name and greeted me like a long lost friend. OH, as a side note, I think he has the best job in the world. I got there around 3pm and there were 8 girls and about 15 guys.

That grew to about 20 guys by around 7pm and an additional 2 girls showed up, including my new favorite. And for you newbies, yes, all sex happens in the open. If you love watching sex as well as doing it. PT is your place. Now, these girls are incredible at what they do. There is no time to watch, no flirting, no romance, no add-ons.

No charges except the door charge and the girls are incredible at their job. They are heroes in my mind. I love sex and broke my personal record with 8 sessions but these girls must have about 25 sessions per day. Nikki was my first today. She remembered me.

WOW again. She is one of two Germans at the club. She has a slightly beaten face but has a hard body and tight pussy. She is also quite funny. Brown Haired polish girl. I think her name is Alesia. Prettiest body at the club with perfect dimples on her hips my fetish perfect B cups and a tiny pussy.

This was my favorite session of the day by far.

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I must have been doing DATY for 45 minutes with my fingers buried deep inside her very very wet being. I saw her do hour long BBBJ sessions. Dinner was served. The food is basic and well pretty bad but who cares what fuel tastes like. A doe-eyed German blond grabbed me and as I lay down Nikki s us. YUP, they just jump in. BBBJ while Nikki is sitting on my face. Fucking the Bad Wunnenberg girl seriously wants a crazy night while Nikki is licking my balls etc.

Every once in while you catch a glimpse of the doorway while punters waiting their turn are watching everything. No one at the club spoke much English and I love to chat and wanted to break the ice so I found some cards and pencils and passed them out so that when a guy came out of the room we could hold up the cards with a on it grading him 1 - That broke the ice from that time on the guys had a good comraderie too. Blond Polish girl black boots. Kinga - Short Polish girl with baby face. I freaked out when I saw her come into the club cause she was a mirror image of an old girlfriend.

The one overweight dark haired girl in the club ed us. She has huge boobs and smiles like an angel. And, well, she is quite talented. They immediately yanked the condom off, got the cream and went to work but I was tired and called a halt to the session. As we were getting up I explained to Kinga that she looked like my old girlfriend and we just clicked. When we went downstairs she came over and snuggled up while we smoked and had a drink. I hung around downstairs for an hour to recuperate and when she came down for a break came over and snuggled right up again.

It was Kinga, 3 other girls and I snuggled on the couch. I had died and gone to heaven. Well it was pm and time for one last session. The club had pretty much cleared out and girls were just lying on the beds waiting for a victim. I was obviously going to finish with Kinga when who should come over and latch on to me but my favorite brunette with the perfect body.

All I can say is that I died and went to heaven. It was all mouths, fingers and body parts. I had wonderful sex with Kinga and then finished with the other girl. I will remember this session for a long long time. Has anyone heard about Partytreff Sindelfingen near Stuggart? Deepvoid Is Nikki the slim German with ethnic tattoos? As I remembered, she smells like a dead fish. That's why i have no interest DATY with her. All the good info about PT Dorsten has me intrigued. I'm seriously thinking about making the trip during the upcoming holiday break and wonder if there will be any ladies available.

I have a post somewhere on this thread about what the last holiday season was like and though it addresses the situation at FKK clubs, I doubt it will be much different here. Most of this team is Polish and they will likely want to spend time with their families. Most clubs are closed on December 24 and From January 7 onwards girls start coming back. If you opt for European delivery of your car this is where you come to pick it up. They also run factory tours where they show you how they put their cars together.

You get into a vehicle which drives you past the large presses and then the assembly line and eventually the Hochzeit; the stage where they marry the Karroserie with the frame, engine and drive train. PT Sindelfingen has been reformulated and has a new website. Ich war einmal dort. There were three women, on older than 40, one chubby, one quite chubby.

Better to pay a bit more and have really better looking women. In other words: Ca vaut pas la peine d'y aller! Vaut mieux depenser plus pour des experiences avec des femmes vraiment jolies!

Bad Wunnenberg girl seriously wants a crazy night

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