Beaver Creek skin trucker here next couple days

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News News. Voters approvedThis is about the conference center. Why does it say in the paper that it has to be approved to be built now? I drive a wrecker, and the truckers are the safest drivers. So I think that person is completely wrong about their statement about truckers. If you drink at night and you leave your car until morning for free until 11 you have to hunt down a policeman and get a card from him.

Why should I, a U. That has nothing to do with what color your skin is. It has nothing to do with where you come from. The rudest people are the ones honking at them telling them to move faster. We all need to drive on the same highway.

If you need to get there quicker, leave earlier.

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Just chill and let people drive at the speed they need to. So thank you and great customer service. Serving whom? If libraries were businesses, the Avon Library would be profitable, and the Vail Library would be out of business.

Both offer the same product, lending various materials, but the service is what really counts.

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Has anyone noticed that the Vail Library does not even put their phone on their Web site? When asked why, I received an e-mail stating that they would get too many phone calls if they put their phone on their Web site. Evil plotI think these high oil prices are a ploy with the oil industry of America, better known as the president and vice president.

But the big question is, how much energy actually stays here in the United States that is produced here?

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How much natural gas that is pumped out of the ground in the U. Not much. It goes to the highest bidder, it goes to China and everywhere else. The Meadow Mountain Elementary School parents have been getting their share of the limelight, and other parents are going to be unpleasantly surprised if they railroad through their choice to put all 5th-6th at Minturn Middle School, and all 7th-8th-9th at Berry Creek.

People should not be caught off-guard by this.

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They need to log on now, it only takes a minute. Better late …? Here it is spring break and I just received my Christmas package postmarked Dec. Yeah, just got my Christmas present from my Grandma. Late trafficI live in Eagle in old town and I can see Highway 6 from my window. These late planes are coming in and these SUVs are just hauling down Highway 6.

This man is a prejudiced idiot. Please stop. Richard Carnes, go away. I believe maybe last week. To please come forward and do the right thing. My name is Anita and I work at Treasures. How are people who are just visiting here supposed to get information if all the information is so old?

Please update it. Hopefully, the people in Minturn will not let it go over houses. How about the lynx? How about the elk? How about the beauty? Well, Eagle County is already wrecked. There are a couple of perfect people who live in glass houses on that council, and hopefully this project will go according to what everybody wants, not just what the people in glass houses want. Come on boys, come out of the closet, and smell the sewage.

Who made all the money? The attorneys. What do you do when you lose? If you lose a baseball game, a football game? You change the coach and some of the players. A criticWhy are you letting … Pete Buckley put articles in the paper, editorials.

Those two places are eyesores. Roundabout rageTo the Texans that decide to move to Colorado. Learn how to drive. Especially in the roundabouts. Try thisYou whiney old guys complaining about the cost of skiing just have not got it figured out yet. Tell your wife to get a job selling tickets on the mountain. She gets a free pass and you get one for 25 bucks. I did. Name withheld for obvious reasons. Vail, Colorado. Tipsline News News. Daily Staff Report. Support Local Journalism Donate.

Beaver Creek skin trucker here next couple days

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