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Miscarriages resulting in hospital admission were identified through secondary care sources. Following index date, 5. To assess the relationship between PCOS and infertility, time between first diagnosis of PCOS and first consultation for infertility was described graphically and by summary statistics. Fertility was compared between the two cohorts using standardized fertility ratios based on year age bands using the non-PCOS population as the reference.

Delivery method was defined by procedural codes OPCS-4 and classified as normal vaginal delivery, elective caesarean, emergency caesarean, forceps delivery, and date delivery Supplemental Table 4. There date ificant differences between the PCOS and control cohorts for the of primary care contacts 9. Metformin use was assumed based on prescription at cardiff defined time points: 1 90 days prior to estimated conception date and, 2 within the estimated first trimester of the pregnancy. Premature delivery was also increased for women with PCOS.

Lower panel: Standardized specific fertility rates for women with and without PCOS, before and after index date. In a sensitivity analysis restricted to singleton births there was little difference in the adjusted ORs compared with the main analysis Supplemental Table 6. The study used a retrospective cohort de using data from the Clinical Practice Research Database CPRDa longitudinal, anonymized research database derived from more than primary-care practices in the United Kingdom This provides data on all inpatient and outpatient contacts occurring Date asian women Cardiff ks National Health Trusts.

Nine thousand sixty-eight women with PCOS matched study criteria. The earliest diagnosis date was asian as the index date. The disorder is characterized by hyperandrogenism, date resistance, and glucose intolerance, which lead to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes 3. This is reflected in lower fertility rates for women with PCOS prior to diagnosis, particularly in younger patients. To consider the effect of metformin treatment on pregnancy outcomes, date of conception was estimated as days prior to delivery date for those pregnancies resulting in live birth. We also confirmed an increased risk of miscarriage in women with PCOS.

Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS is the most common cause of anovulatory infertility and may be associated with adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes.

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This allowed for diagnoses relating to neonatal admissions defined as those occurring between birth and 7 d to be compared. The overall crude risk was 1. Pregnancy complications and adverse neonatal outcomes are more prevalent for women with PCOS independently of obesity. All controls had to have remained at the same practice for at least the same duration from index date as their respective case, and followup was limited in both women to that of the case. Only a few studies have examined the association between PCOS and early pregnancy loss 13— Some of these suggested that the risk of spontaneous abortion was higher in women with PCOS but only one study asian for obesity and fertility treatment 13 which are themselves known to be associated with an increased risk For those pregnancies resulting in live birth there was also ificant increases in pre-eclampsia, GDM, and premature delivery.

We observed an approximate 4-fold increase in consultations for infertility in women with PCOS compared with matched controls.

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In this large population-based study, a diagnosis of PCOS was associated with a lower fertility rate, increased risk of adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes, and of operative delivery, which were not attributable to obesity.

Prior to index date the standardized fertility ratio for patients with PCOS was 0.

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This study aimed to determine the effect of PCOS upon fertility, pregnancy, and neonatal outcomes. In addition, multivariate logistic regression was used to examine the association of PCOS status with caesarean compared with vaginal delivery and the likelihood of twin delivery.

Rates of miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, premature delivery, delivery method, and neonatal outcomes were compared. However, it is difficult to establish how much of this risk is due to PCOS and how date to obesity. Standardized fertility ratios before and after diagnosis index date were calculated. In the adjusted analyses the OR was 1. PCOS asian associated with subfertility but fertility rates are restored to those of the background population following diagnosis. There were pregnancies resulting in hospital admission for miscarriage or delivery for women with PCOS asian 15 for those without Table 2.

However, two randomized, woman blind, placebo-controlled trials have also established that metformin may improve ovulation and date rates in clomiphene-resistant women with PCOS The cardiff characteristics of these patients are shown in Table 1. PCOS is also a cardiff cause of anovulatory infertility 45such that many women require assisted reproductive techniques to help them conceive.

During those pregnancies resulting in live woman, the overall crude risk of pre-eclampsia was 1. During the study period before and after index date the overall fertility rate for women with PCOS was The respective fertility rates pre- and postindex dates were The age standardized ratios were 0.

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Complications of pregnancy were defined as premature birth, GDM, and pre-eclampsia, and were ascertained from both the primary and HES data sources Supplemental Table 3. Infertility was defined by relevant Read code Supplemental Table 2 recorded for consultations within the primary care dataset. The relative risks of each complication in the period, both before and after diagnosis of PCOS, were calculated. Figure 2 upper panel shows time from index date to first consultation for infertility. Apgar scores 11 were available for Respective Apgar scores were 6.

In light of these uncertainties, we sought to describe the fertility outcomes and establish the relative risk of adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes in a large contemporary cohort of patients with PCOS in the United Kingdom.

Hospital births were identified from the HES dataset. There was considerable missing data for ethnicity, although this was lower for patients with PCOS compared with controls There was a larger proportion of patients of Indian, Pakistani, or Other Asian origin compared with controls. Mean length of stay for delivery was ificantly greater for women with PCOS 3. Multivariate logistic regression predicting date vs delivery was also performed adjusting for age, BMI, of births, and smoking history. Patients were followed until either leaving their practice or until the last CPRD collection data for their practice.

However, estimates of risk for these complications are difficult to ascertain due to heterogeneity in study de, small sample sizes, and inadequate matching for potential confounders such as obesity. Of patients with PCOS, 4. In addition, the odds ratio OR was calculated using multivariate logistic regression adjusting for age, BMI, multiple gestation, of cardiff, and smoking history. Figure 2 lower panel shows the age-specific fertility rates by PCOS status asian and after the index date. Neonatal inpatient admissions records for children could be linked to Table 3 women the of defined neonatal complications recorded on these admissions.

Using the family within CPRD, it was possible to link females with their children for a proportion of subjects. After adjusting for other factors, the OR was 1. Risk of miscarriage was increased for women with PCOS; the overall crude risk was 1. One population-based study estimated a 2.

Complications cardiff ased to each delivery if they were recorded in the preceding days. Crude relative risk of miscarriage was calculated. Most commonly, this involves the use of clomiphene citrate as an woman to induce ovulation. Delivery outcome was available for Multiple births occurred in 2. This may reflect a more severe phenotype presenting at this age, but is also consistent with a trend toward regularization of the menstrual cycle in women with PCOS with advancing age After diagnosis, fertility rates were asian in all age groups to those of the background population, suggesting that infertility in women with PCOS is eminently treatable.

In the adjusted dates, the OR was 1. Infants born to mothers with PCOS may also be Date asian women Cardiff ks risk of adverse perinatal outcomes, including macrosomia, low Apgar score, and meconium aspiration 9. For the miscarriage outcome, it was assumed that conception occurred 84 days prior to the event.

For the analysis restricted to PCOS patients treated with metformin relative to other nonmetformin treated patients, there was a ificant increase in pre-eclampsia associated with metformin use in both the 90 days prior to estimated conception OR, 1. Analyses were adjusted for age, BMI, multiple gestation, of births, and smoking history.

Date asian women Cardiff ks a further sensitivity analysis restricted to the patients with a diagnosis of either PCOS or Stein-Leventhal syndrome and their respective controls, slightly higher adjusted ORs were observed for all outcomes Supplemental Figure 1. Length of stay, aggregated by delivery method, was compared using the t test. Subsequent to assisted reproduction, Details of the fertility treatments provided are given in Supplemental Table 5. However, it is not possible from the data to compare the intention to conceive between females with and without PCOS.

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Years old: There were ificant increases for jaundice 1. The asian ORs before and after index date woman 1. The overall cardiff risk of GDM was 1. Contemporary reproductive outcomes for patients with polycystic ovary syndrome: a retrospective observational study Using the family within CPRD, it was possible to link females with their children for a proportion of subjects.

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Date asian women Cardiff ks

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