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Her thesis is that the current ideals of beautiful bodies and strict gender norms have a long past, inherited from the ancient Greeks and their Renaissance relatives. The Tasmanian-born comedian who studied art history as an undergraduate has always been a master at communicating big ideas through her personal narrative.

Then came Nanette, its highly coveted Edinburgh comedy award, its sold-out national tour, and its forthcoming Netflix special. The bitter, perverse irony derived from this clashing of anguish and gags gives Nanette a sober, moving subtext. We see it a lot. Stop watching women sleeping; stop watching women having baths. Go away. For Gby, the male gaze in art history is directly related to the male gaze in Hollywood, and society at large.

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In the program, Gby interviews Australian artists including Julie Rrap, Brook Andrew, Ben Quilty and Bill Henson, who through their work have, she argues, disrupted this distressing, objectifying grand narrative of the nude. The new story is the same story. And if art history has been dominated by the images and ideas of straight white men, so too has art criticism — an imbalance that Nakedy Nudes wryly, cleverly talks back to.

Hannah Gby on the male gaze in art: 'Stop watching women having baths. Lauren Carroll Harris.

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Sun 18 Feb Hannah Gby review — electrifying farewell to standup. Wendy Whiteley on art, gentrification and Brett: 'I felt a bit Whiteleyed-out'.

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Fat women having sex Gadsby

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Hannah Gby BA ‘03