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Your situation is difficult and you may be feeling a wide range of emotions. There is always someone available to listen and offer confidential, non-directive and non-judgemental support. Each team member is prepared to listen to your story, help you handle a crisis and guide you to solutions that will improve your situation.

There is always someone available to listen and to offer non-directive, non-judgemental support. Free online chat Illinois wa CAN find safety and stability by identifying informal supports or alternative living arrangements, employment resources and more. You CAN get validation of your feelings and a greater sense of confidence and you CAN improve your home and school life.

We are here to listen. Living on the streets is not easy. It can be dangerous, finding food and a safe place to sleep each night may be difficult, and you could find yourself at risk of engaging in unhealthy behaviors. This is a complex situation, but you do have options. We can only report what you tell us. NRS provides free services to youth in crisis aged 12 to We hear from young people who are at home and simply need somewhere to turn for advice, and also we connect with youth who have runaway or were kicked out of their home and are now couch surfing, living in their car or staying in shelters or on the street.

If you are still unsure about how we might be able to help, and we can refer you to another service, if needed. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Here to listen. Here to help. Tap To Call Us. Learn More. Tap To Live Chat. Tap To Send. Tap To View Forum. Pronouns: Why Do They Matter?

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June 22, Awareness. You need someone to talk to Feeling alone and unheard can potentially place you in a dangerous situation.

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You may feel isolated from supports, and this isolation can lead to depression, anger, frustration and suicidal ideation. We understand.

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Get Help Now. We are here to support you. Free Services. Young people with limited or no access to money are able to use our services. Trained Staff. Everyone who contacts NRS receives the highest quality support possible.

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How to get help. Be ready to ask for help and recognize NRS as a trusted resource Review this website and contact NRS online or via the hotline Be receptive to our crisis center guidance and commit to a plan. You don't have to live in fear Are you enduring abuse at home?

Have you experienced traumatic events while living on the streets? Do you find yourself unprepared to live on your own? Are you unable to find local resources, such as shelters or pantries? Are you ready to go home and unable to get there? There Is Hope. Get The Support You Need. Wonderful resource if you need help with runaway youth.

Staff and volunteers are supportive and friendly. They will connect you to any type of service imaginable. I was a runaway myself. I was lucky, I was in the wrong place with people I didn't know, I was found in the nick of time. And I will do what I can to help other girls in trouble.

Great place to volunteer, kids always need help. Great people. This is a service that shouldn't be ignored. Parents can contact. Kids can contact parents. It's private and confidential. Frequently Asked Questions.

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Why would I need help when I can make it on my own on the streets? What do I do if I can't go back to living with my parents? If I reach out to NRS, will you tell my parents or the police? If I'm not a runaway, are NRS services still appropriate for me?

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Interested in volunteering, donating, or learning more about who we are?

Free online chat Illinois wa

email: [email protected] - phone:(183) 292-1888 x 6025

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