Honest friend seeking Joliet Illinois

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in 7-Day Free Trial. All September 28, Newspaper Archives. Buy Print. Seeking SWF. No smokers. For friendship, possible LTR. Physically fit SWM, 29,5 8", tos, father of one, enjoys outdoor sports, movies, country music, martial arts, working out, jogging. Seeking honest, attractive, slender, affectionate, intelligent, sensuous [SCWF, Joliet area. Seeking sincere, loving, tender, romantic SWF. Then you would want to meet my brother! Honest, family-oriented. Kids ok. South suburbs. IN area. Seeking someone to enjoy lite virilh. Ukrainian or Ftussian SF. This unique feature allows.

Initials can be first or last names of people involved. If you want to do this, make sure that you put a time limit on their stay or this can turn out to he a long time commitment on your part. D and B involved. You can now look to making a move of your own, possibly relocating. Cash comes.

This is something to think about The great job market is a myth! S like Steve can help you if you ask. A person Honest friend seeking Joliet Illinois or L can become involved with your plans. An accusation comes out about you or someone close to you.

Cash spent. You have to learn to bend with the wind, or break like an overly rigid tree. Watch your health and your temper this week. Don't over-eat and do some exercising too. R helps. Perhaps it took your own angel, Raphael to set you right. If this has not happened yet, it soon may. Be open to believing in things other than what you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste.

Be open to travel too, some of you may be looking for a Fall vacation. R and T help you if you ask. Keep this trend going by eating right, exercising and being more loving. If you want to do some kind of study, try the local college or high school. Your mind is being opened for a reason. C helps you and a person in Pisces. Life is difficult enough without your having to deal with everyone else's problems too. Most people Can help themselves but won't as long as they can get you to do it for them.

F helps.

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But, you have the stamina, the direction, the power of mind and the strength to get through this week, in fact through the rest of this year, and come out on the plus side. But, make a plan, a budget, be direct and don't he afraid to put a price on your talent. J aids. I can provide you with my Psychic Insights, on a one-on-one basis Find out how using NumAstrology can help you understand your life and your future!?

Ask about my typed "NumAstrology Profiles. Call for information, appts. BoxOak Lawn IL I also do Psychic Counseling by phone [I provide my Psychic Insight into problem areas of your life or a particular circumstance]. My Psychic Insights: Sarah R. They say they know what I want and need. They sympathize with my money problems, health, romantic problems, etc. They even know my birthday! They all start out with, 'you are coming into big money' and with my help you can have it.

Act now or you will lose everything! They use the same ploys on everyone! If you don't know them personally or have heard of them, don't get involved.

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I've seen people emotionally tom apart to an extreme who fell prey to these unscrupulous con artists. Browse All Joliet Newspaper Archives. Last Name. Go to Advanced Search. Explore Joliet, Illinois Publications. All rights reserved.

Honest friend seeking Joliet Illinois

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