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As a father of a young man that graduated from the ranch, we are forever in your debt. As far as anyone saying that it is a juvenile detention center, you are very misguided, most likely from the very kids that are angry and upset at any guidance and direction. We are blessed and grateful for Pastor David Bosley and his direction at the ranch. Years later, my son and his wife have now came back to Masters Ranch to work there. He went to Bible College and is just beginning his own pastorial position. He loves his family, he loves his life and he loves his Lord and Savior; he is a son that any mother would Housewives looking real sex Myrtle Missouri 65778 proud to call her own.

His grades dropped dramatically and his attitude was deteriorating equally fast. He had become defiant with his teachers and rebellious at home. He was developing a warped sense of entitlement and did not want to be held able or responsible for his actions. For the first time in years he did not make the school basketball team due to his attitude and increasingly poor work ethic.

We were at a loss as to what steps to take next and very concerned about the path he was on and where it would lead him. Thanks to Pastor Bosely and his team; our son has matured greatly. He has grown into a thoughtful, caring, responsible young man who is now setting goals for his future and has developed an invaluable sense of self reliance, drive and discipline. His spirituality has strengthened and our family bond is stronger then ever. The MRCA approach was perfect for our son.

It is easy to advertise grand ideas; but it is much more difficult to deliver on those same, grand promises. We have seen the of MRCA in our son; nothing short of a miracle. My name is Kim R. We were the average family. I was a stay at home mom, I was able to care for my kids and get them to where they needed to be. We kept them busy with sports and always supported them in what they participated in.

Mitch is the middle child, caring, funny and always looking for attention. He started swimming when he was very young. He loved the water. He swam for a club all the way through his sophomore year, he placed at almost every meet and he got to travel all over because of his talent. He even got invited to swim with Michael Phelps in Colorado. I started a business of dog walking and when I had to walk or go check on animals at night he would always go with me to make sure I was safe.

He was my buddy. Starting his Junior year, Mitch was 16, he met a girl…………. She basically took over his life, had him drop swimming, start skipping school, lying to us about where he was, stealing from us and from stores, smoking, and disrespecting adults. She had a troubled life and I think Mitch thought he could help her but instead he got dragged down. Mitch was starting to act weird at home, not himself at all. I tested him for drugs at home, came up positive. I talked to him, cops would bring him home for being out past curfew, staying out all night and we would not know where he was.

That was the scarcest time of our life. The not knowing where your child is and what could have happened to him runs through your mind all night. We were at our wits end. My husband worked out of town 2 weeks out of Housewives looking real sex Myrtle Missouri 65778 month. The last straw came when I had left to get our family some take out and my husband wanted to talk to Mitch, I was in drive thru, my daughter called me panicked, locked in her room because her brother and dad were fighting, physically.

My husband is disabled and Mitch had always been the one to help his dad, now he was shoving him through the back glass. My husband got rushed to the ER, Mitch ran away, her family threating us because my husband tried to stop him. I checked around to see what I could do, I knew if I did not get him out of there I would loose my son. If not to drugs to him being killed. I told my husband if he had cancer we would do everything in our power to save him. I felt we were in the same position.

We found Masters Ranch, I called, it was great to hear we were not alone. I knew we could not get Mitchell to go on his own, he was that far gone. He got to a highway before the guy could catch up to him and tackle him in the road. Cars zooming by, finally the cops came and helped get Mitch home and into the car. This is so heartbreaking for parents, I just had to tell myself he was in Gods hands now and we have to stick with this to SAVE our son.

The first few months are the hardest, you want to run and get your son that your remembered before all the bad stuff back. Please be strong, because once they are done I promise you will have your son back! When we went to visit Mitch at the ranch he has so much pride and we could tell our son was back.

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It is so hard to leave them again, but I knew he actually wanted to finish. Letters came and he was so happy, which made us fill with Pride, we knew we did the right thing. We as a family decided to move back home, where we were from. His sister had the hardest decision as she was going to be a sophomore in High School and she was a high level gymnast. We all agreed it was for the best, even Mitch. Mitchell came to cali to help us move back to Colorado and he went back to the Ranch to finish and get his GED. Since We are proud to say we have our son back, even better than before. Mitchells dad still has to work in Cali because he cannot find a job in Colorado.

Mitch has taken over the man of the house roll. He works hours a week doing hard manual labor with a landscaping company. Mitch says what her learned at the ranch has really helped him with this job. Every 2 weeks he comes home with his paycheck and hands it to me, he says he want to contribute to the family.

He will start or make dinner before I get home and take care of the animals, even after such a long day at work. He does not want to do this job forever and is now looking at going to welding school, and since he was a swimmer he would love to do underwater welding. As you can see I am bursting with pride, writing this makes my heart swell and my eyes leak as I feel you can never pay enough to have you kid back!

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I will forever be grateful to you and your staff for all of the tremendous love you showered upon David and our family. Every single family that ever gets the privilege of meeting you is so lucky and I can honestly say that God knew when all of our struggles were happening that it would lead to the Ranch and the love of you both. Thank you so so very much! Our son is over the moon and more motivated than I have ever seen him at anything in his life. He has a goal and he thinks he can achieve it WOW! He never even cared about a future for himself before, but he cares so much now.

He is confident, mature, kind, loving, helpful and a wonderful example of God at work daily. Thank you! I am at peace and I am not fearful anymore for or of David. My son had attended another facility which was far more expensive than Masters Ranch and we withdrew him because they said they could no longer help him. I did not know what I was going to do. I felt a peace and knew I was making the right decision to send him to Masters Ranch.

Stephan is now back home and working in construction. He is happy, considerate of others feelings and has a purpose to his life. It is a joy to have the son back that I had missed so terribly. I thank God everyday that he guided me to Masters Ranch.

This will be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make in your life, but can your child afford for you not to? He went there unmotivated and disrespectful. I would watch him play his Xbox for hours a day while stuffing himself with pop and chips, getting more and more out of shape and angrier and angrier. When he first got there it was difficult for all of us…wondering if we had done the right thing for our son. MRCA was, in fact, the best thing Housewives looking real sex Myrtle Missouri 65778 I have ever done for my son.

Housewives looking real sex Myrtle Missouri 65778

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