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Advertise About Contact Subscribe. Inside Higher Ed's News. Coronavirus Live Updates - July 6, Earlier News. Promoting Professional Science Master's Degrees. A Call for Copyright Rebellion. Lawrence Lessig asks why academe accepts rules that limit the spread of scholarship. Taking on Incentive Compensation.

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Federal panel debates whether the government should revise rules on raises and bonuses for student recruiters. Assessing the Assessments. Should Twitter be viewed as a teaching tool or a distraction? Collaboration on College Completion. Gates Foundation funds efforts in seven cities to boost graduation rates by coordinating resources of K, higher ed and local government; data-sharing programs among those targeted.

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At meeting of higher ed researchers, scholars and policy wonks confront an old but still-present question: Can academic work influence decision makers? Professors think they are doing a better job with digital tools than their students believe is the case, survey suggests. Hope or Hype on the Cloud. But for many higher-ed technologists, storing information on off-site systems known as "the cloud" can be just as ominous. Two-thirds of public institutions report reductions, ending years in which information technology costs grew steadily.

The Curious 'Sexual Harassment' Charge. East Georgia College has dropped an unspecified sexual harassment charge against an English professor who, ironically, had openly criticized the lack of protections for the falsely accused in its sexual harassment policy. Colleges Win on Election Night. Voters in Texas back expansion of research universities, while tax measures that higher ed opposed fail in Maine and Washington.

Survival -- Through Open Access. Utah State University Press, which faced threat of elimination, will continue to operate as a scholarly publisher, but with a new model. New research on admissions at elite colleges shows the role of affirmative action, the extent and limits of cross-racial interaction among students, and ificant gaps in academic performance. College ability, From the Left.

Center for American Progress, which has Obama's ear, proposes data-driven consumer protection office to safeguard students' interest in higher education.

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Title IX Trojan Horse? New federal investigation theoretically is based on respect for the law barring gender bias, but advocates for women's sports see an attack on protections for female athletes. Education Department discussion of financial aid rules begins with debate pitting for-profit colleges against their naysayers.

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Revenue Dip for Private Colleges. Institutions worked to maintain enrollment through increased aid and lower tuition increases, but net tuition and fee revenues are expected to fall on many campuses, Moody's reports. Wounded already by budget cuts, 26 states are wrestling with midyear shortfalls that often require quick and undesirable solutions.

Want to advertise?. Founding Director Alan Lightman is pictured on the center right. Holyoke Class Mt. Bol Ph. Catherine University St. Edward's University St. Joseph's College-New York St. Lawrence University St. Mary's University St. Norbert College St.

Housewives seeking hot sex Richmond RhodeIsland 2836

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