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Mellon Foundation. Find out more about Ellen's residency experience and learn about the impact of the program at large. Every lens reveals something different. The shape. How do you grow naturally into your best self, little play? The instructions are encoded in the seed, but how to read them in that tiny, tiny blueprint? Sometimes you have to set it in the sun a while, and water it, and weed around it.

Tend to it. Just keep writing, and keep thinking about it. The question. What is it that the people in this story are trying to figure out?

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If you already have the answer when you start writing, you should probably write an essay, not a play. I have a million ideas.

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My brain is seething with them all the time. But the ideas that become complete plays are the ones where the question is both big and urgent. The want and the need. Who wants what? How badly do they want it?

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What are they willing to do to get it? Is what they need and what they want the same thing or are they two different things? What would you do to get in?

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Would you do anything? What is likeable?!?

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I want characters who feel passionately enough about something to take action. The stakes. The stakes in your play should always be life or death. Mortality always beats its wings against my windows. Death of the heart, the soul, the spirit, the dream are just as worthy of dramatic exploration. He had a voice to raise and his own music to sing. The world. Build a world that is rich and specific! The weather. When the world is real and three dimensional, it comes with coats and umbrellas and sometimes sunscreen.

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Sometimes, like in my play Song of Extinctionthe story will end with butterflies fluttering down across the bed of the character who is crossing over. The music. The music 2. The voices of Looking for a play characters are the first music I listen for in any play.

How do these people talk? Who are they and what is their vernacular? What words do they have at their disposal to express themselves? Every character has their own dictionary shaped by their upbringing, culture, education, specialty, personality, and so many other things. What stops them from saying what they need to say and how do they figure out how to say it anyway? The music 3. How does the play itself sing? Is it full of Pinter pauses, each one filled to the brim with subtext?

The dance. How does the play move, and have you built room for its choreography? Plays happen in real space and time, and it behooves the playwright to think about how the characters are going to get from one scene to the next. Is there a single detailed location for the action of the story, or several locations, or many? Do the characters step from one scene into the next or does the audience have to wait for someone to move the furniture around? Does your main character step from one scene into the next, carrying us along with her?

Even if the play is filled with ghosts and haunted by history, the action of it must be in the present. The ghosts. What haunts your story? But other times, they shape your characters or prompt them to action. When are the actions of the main character himself what haunts Looking for a play story? The present tense.

What happens on stage is exciting to the audience because it's happening right in front of them. The action is unfolding in real time. Nothing feels pre-determined. If the writing is really good, the audience has the sense that anything could happen.

Skin in the game. For as long as I can remember, my dad has had a poem hung on the wall in his den, handwritten in beautiful calligraphy alongside a drawing of a man on a horse. I too am part of the picture! So what does this story mean to you? How much does it mean to you? Do you have skin in this game, as they say? Are you part of the picture? Interested in following this conversation in real time? Receive alerting you to new thre and the continuation of current thre. Ellen: this is beautiful and personal and real. And I also had a Norwegian grandfather who was a man of few words.

Thanks for writing. Most Discussed. Most Watched.

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Looking for a play

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