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Both amounts have been paid, officials said. Prosecutors had sought a four-year prison term, but the chief judge said a lower sentence was accepted for the corpsman, who is ased to Camp Schwab, because he had pleaded guilty and shown remorse for his actions.

He also said his required sex offender registration was a stain he would forever have to work to overcome. Castellanos pleaded guilty May 27 to finding the female tourist from Fukuoka passed out in the hallway of the hotel where he was staying. He took her into his room and raped her. When she woke up and found a stranger next to her in bed, she cried out for help, which awoke her date in a nearby room. Castellanos left the room with his belongings to seek help from a friend but returned to the hotel, where he was arrested.

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The incident sparked anti-base protests and contributed to tightened liberty restrictions for servicemembers on the tiny southern Japanese island. It set the stage for tensions to erupt when the alleged murder of a year-old local woman by a civilian worker from Kadena Air Base came to light two months later. Lawrence D. Takeshi Onaga. The Okinawa prefectural assembly adopted a protest resolution on March 22, harshly criticizing the incident.

Locals have long complained that servicemembers have been shielded from justice by the status of forces agreement.

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The rape of a local woman by two sailors in October further enflamed tensions. Buy Photo. Matthew M. Subscribe to Stars and Stripes Just 99c a week!

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Looking for sex with a female Camp South Dakota sailor

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