Louisburg NC 3 somes

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Spain Notice. Smith wick For Sale.

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Lent began on Wednesday. The snow is still with as, and it looked yesterday as if it was waiting for Ooart this week more. No womaa will erer admit that the got beaten at a bargain except when she got her husband. Bryan will deliver a lecture at the A. College, at Raleigh next Monday night, the 22nd The older a man, gets the more he appreciates the fact that he wasn't allowed to have his own way when a boy. When a girl mrrriea a man because he declares be couldn't live without her isn't she entitled to a life-saving medal?

A late spring, they say, is the forerunner of a good fruit and crop year Lt as hopeit will tarn oat to be trae this rear; tbe Secretary of Bute has issued a charter for the K. The- incorporators are K. G Hill, and 1. Hill, and the firm will do a general mercantile business. It ia officered by some of the most reliable business men of Henderson, and its cap uai block is sumoiently large to guarantee absolute safety to depositors.

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Biskett attended Warren court at Jodge Cooke is holding Greensboro this reek. Chief J ostiec Clarke, of Baleigb, and brother E. Clarke, Esq. Frank "Ballard. Peter S Allen and bride arrived hDme from their bridal tour on Wednes day, and he is receiving the congratula tions of his host of friends. and children, of Aber deen, are visiting her people here, hsv- -R B. Glenn will deliyer the literary ing been called by telegram on aecou address before the Neithean Society of the Lonisbarg Female College next Monday night.

Read his advertisement in the Times this week. The roll of honor for Elm wood school, month ending Feb. Ga where he spent tnree days. It was on pleasure to meet up with a of North Carolinians who are living in that thriving and growing city, and the kind nesaes shown us were highly appreciated Those to whom we are especially indebt- Willie Dtan, Taylor Boone, DaiBy Dean, I ed for courteeiea are Capt.

Mr, Shem McGhee, who died several days ago at his home in Frapklinton township, left a wife and several chil dren, who have the sympathy of the community. He Louisburg NC 3 somes quite a of s'rong friends who regretted to learn of h s death If yon have not attended to it. Every man ought to pay his poll tax, whether he votes or not. Kind Words From tha Brethren. The Tikis U a true I amcjhc, n. IV- bw to Democracy as the nesdl to the poU. I ew paper continual sue.

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Durham 8aa. Editor Thomas I. His paper riehly dr th largest maaaur of soeeess. Mews- Observer. The good old Locisbcbq Tims, whfeh is vary near to thia writer, somes to o having completed it 34th year of good servioa and th 27th year under the relga of "Dolly. It gete better aa it get older, and we hop Bro. Tbee snd th Tin is may dwell together Is unity and prosperity for a long lime to coma.

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Raleigh Post. We congratulate th Lociancta Tints apon 1U sscMssf ul rosoding of its thirty fourth year. For twaty-avn year th prant editor. Michael Hoke, son of Geo. F Hoke, of this Stat, who is a Uadine physician of that city. Shepherd Bryan, a prominent lawyer of Atlanta, son of Judge H. He U tsraiag out a saot exoelleot newspaper from bto I shop.

The Fbajikus Times has eatered up- ou us tDiriy-ionrtn yoiom. Louisburg NC 3 somes J- A. Thomas ha ben la ebarg for twenty-even year and his ppr o joys a larger circulation aad bwtur ad vertising patroaag than ver before. It is one of the StaU's bet local papr aad deserves well its patrooag. We eoe- gratulat brother Thomas on his successful eareer of mor thaa a qaarUr of a eentary. Scotland N'k Comaoa. Wille, Teon. The bride b a lrelf sa4 cco piohed yo a woes as. EL L Brown. Si m yoo of woman oi nvaay lowilf uaiu character and has a host o brwd She knows as an nccosspiiahed si Kian snd was tor MeraJ vr indent at the Bostoo Cocnmioj oi Mosc.

He now pastor ol the list aod aft ctch s Concord, bet kt a ttsse was Un here be won a boat oi trsmd and dhJ i4odid work, beiee isrserj a m the errctwa ol im new Cwun Street Mtth-dl ch-sreh. Mow Brown wi ssd tarsvsbi knowa u Loastnrfi hsrisg tx for two or morx srwuoa io ib bar Female Collrge.

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Her a native of Looabwgsod Eva Furman. Oona a4 rwtt ; uia m Hhuwoit Kvji rwjes It Jt. C C MSnh, t. SHiX It in iad--d P" r salesman who can't sell a cuotoiD'-r b wn' wbn tb customer enmes into the store and ealls for it. But tbe idea is first to get your customer to come to your stor. There is no better way to do this than to send to him each week a statement of what you have to offer him And tnece ia no better and eheaper way of sendiog him such a statement than through the col nmns of your local paper. We have two obituaries, sent us this week, but unnigued and written on both aides of the sheets of paper.

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Contribu tors, in ordr to have their articles pub- iisnea, man aauere 10 our rule ot requiring their nams to be ed. Those who are not patrons of the paper must also pay some little attention to tbe following paragraph, which appears in our "Rate Card:" Obituary notices, resolutions of respect, etc. In cases where friends and patrons Louisburg NC 3 somes the paper are concerned no charge will be ma da for the first twenty lines about words or articles not exceeding that in length. The concert of the Wake Forest Glee Hub which took place in tbe Opera House last Monday night, was quite largely attended; and from some who were present th editor learns that the youDg gentlemen acquitted themselves in a most creditable manner.

The quartette and"" choruses were especially praised, and the violin. Poteat and J. Thomas, Jr. The yonn gentlemen of the Club, about twenty in camber, were entertained in the homes of several of our citizens, and by their most excellent good behavior, made themselves welcome guests The editor of the Times regretted hot being able to witness the performaace being out of town.

We hops ths boys will come again. Several of our local tobacco men are making arrangements to raise s tabacco crop this year. They seem to see big things ahead for the man who raises a good artiole of the weed, and propose to back up their judgment by their acts.

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Among those whs have gotten their farming tools together and are preparing to burn their plant beds are Massrs. Cash and T. Person They propose to do all of tbeir Off For Arkansas. Harris, familiarly known as "Ben. Ben informs us that h will continu in th liyely pur suit of farming. The editor wishes him abundant success in his new home Mr. Wright Mann and Mie Bttie Underbill, who were married on day thia wek, also left for the same pla.

Their friends wish them a happy and prosperous trip.

Louisburg NC 3 somes

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