Married Black Female for Prof Black Male

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Michelle Obama may have become an archetypal African-American female success story — law career, strong marriage, happy children — but the reality is often very different for other highly educated black women. As noted in a recent Sexploration columncontrary to old media reports, most educated, professional women who want to marry can and do marry. Since these women also feel pressured not to become single mothers, they often go childless as well, the researchers found. In the study, Nitsche and Brueckner used data from the U. Among black women with postgraduate educations born between andthe median age at which they gave birth for the first time was 34 years old.

This was about the same as it was for white women in the same demographic. But once white women reached their 30s, many more of them did give birth, often more than once. Many black women did not. The rate of childlessness among this group of black women rose from 30 percent for those born between andto 45 percent for those born between and The rate of childlessness does moderate somewhat in highly educated black women born between and In this group, 38 percent have remained childless.

Fewer highly educated black people having children means that they cannot pass on those advantages and knowledge. This defeats the goal of affirmative action, argue some demographers. The idea behind assuring that blacks had access to higher education and graduate school was that after a generation or so, African-Americans would reach a kind of achievement parity after generations of suffering educational and career restriction. But if black women, who comprise 71 percent of black graduate students, according to the census data, do not have children, the rate of achievement reaches a kind of familial dead end.

Well, what are we arguing about? Whether people can have these kinds of emotionally satisfying experiences and if not, if that is unequal.

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She has found that many more are celibate than are white women with similar education levels. Declining marriage chances One big reason why these women remained childless is, as one might expect, that they go unmarried, experts say. Among highly educated women of both races, about 22 percent between the ages of 20 and 45 were single in the s. But then that diverged. It has remained the same for white women, but now 38 percent of black women have never been married.

You have nowhere to go. Both married white women. Black women are either much more reluctant to marry outside their race, or do not have the opportunity to do so. The answer is both, Clarke said. In interviews with a large of black women, she found that community pressures on black women to marry black men can be more intense than the reverse. I think women are more controlled by these community and family pressures around who they should date.

Men have greater freedom. That may be a cold way to look at love, romance, and sex, but studies dating back to the s support it. Of course if highly educated black women felt free to have children outside of marriage, they could still have a family. When some white women make that choice it is often seen as a kind of liberal empowerment.

But according to Clarke, black women are concerned about looking "ghetto. We associate single unwed child bearing with poor African-American women. Not all women who remain unmarried and childless are unhappy about it. But for a set of sometimes complex social reasons, some high-achieving black women find themselves disappointed.

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Married Black Female for Prof Black Male

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Why are so few Black women married in America?