Need starter dreads for a cheap United Kingdom

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I am a professional loctician with over 12 years experience. I create and maintain dreadlocks in London using only my crochet hook.

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If you have any questions, feel free to send an to london. I will crochet all the new regrowth that appears between the sectioning and attach it to the exisiting dre.

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I will also tidy up the length and offer you the option of leaving the tips of your dreadlocks either pointed or blunted. Maintenance is essential to have every 3 months to allow the dre to grow out solidly and consistently. No matter what the problem is, our Dreadlock Reconstruction is a next level service to our Dreadlock Maintenance.

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Are you looking to start brand new dreadlocks? I will start natural and organic dreadlocks using only my very fine sharp hook to ensure no breakage of the hair whilst crocheting the dread. If you have 6 inches 15 cm or more, then you can walk away with fresh dreadlocks using only your own hair. Do you have mature dreadlocks but want instant length goal?

This service is for you. for more information on my dreadlock extension attachment service. Do you have knotted hair and you have difficulties detangling it? I can detangle your hair without cutting it. for more information about Matted Hair Detangling. Are you ready for a new chapter in your hair journey? I can undo your dre without cutting them.

for more information about Dreadlock Removal. Do you need more info about my services? Send an to london.

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I am based in Neasden. You will find the price list below.

Need starter dreads for a cheap United Kingdom

email: [email protected] - phone:(805) 189-5228 x 7895

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