Salina OK cheating wives

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My husband has some questionable friends and family members he hangs out with. Certain people have been known to not be faithful to their wives or ificant others, not to mention they are not known to have been law abiding citizens. My husband is a respectable, kind, law abiding, trustworthy person. I also worry that he will be with them when they are acting like fools. I have spoken to my husband about these worries and he tells me that he is not and he can hold his own and can take care of himself.

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My take on your question falls right in line with your worries. I would worry too. What is your husband doing hanging out with criminals? Trust Is Needed In Relationships.

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Distrust Ends Relationships. There is something to be said for whom you choose to hang out with. Heavy drinkers like to hang with heavy drinkers. Druggies have druggie friends. Thieves run with their band of thieves. Deadbeats find other deadbeats to spend their days lying around with. Liars and cheats run business scams together or dare I say, go in to politics? And adulterers, who are each cheating on their spouse or ificant other, find each other.

We all like the comfort of being with people who think and act like us. It helps us feel validated in what we are doing and who we are, even if what we are doing is less than honorable.

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My thought would be, where do you most worry about your husband hanging out with these less-than-honorable characters? Is he going out to the bars with them, or is he meeting them for coffee after church?

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Your husband also needs to realize that hanging out with criminals can also, at the very least, damage his reputation in the community. Again, birds of a feather flock together. How is he not?

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All Rights Reserved. Salina USD School Board members have approved a plan which rewards employees with a raise, and r July 13, Comments. Joan Jerkovich November 29, My husband has some questionable friends and family members he hangs out with. Husband, Wife Injured in Crash August 31, pm.

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Woman Choked, Husband Arrested August 21, am. June 13, pm. Kentucky Man Guilty in Kansas Fraud Kansas News July 13, Royals Select 10 Players on Final D Sports News July 13, Kentucky Man Guilty in Ka Salina Man Arrested after Woman Ran Over by Teens i

Salina OK cheating wives

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