Wanted nice guy with bad boy image

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The bad boy attitude, style, and appearance naturally follows when you work on developing the mindset. These bad boy traits, which are a small part of the eBook 99 Bad Boy Traitsmake dating, relationships, and even, marriage easier for any man. They pretend to be a lot nicer, sweeter, cooleror more charming than they actually are to increase the chances of women liking them.

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They act one way with friends and family and another around attractive women. A bad boy is more physically attractive to women because his natural, deep, and powerful confidence is apparent in every aspect of his life — especially in his body language. Nice guys, on the other hand, get weird and afraid to grab her hand, pull her in, kiss her, and get physical with her.

The fear of rejection holds them back. When wants to hold her hand, he grabs her hand. When he wants to kiss her, he grabs her, pulls her in, and kisses her. If he wants to touch her, he does it. They want the guy who does as he pleases and is happy with his place in the world. Bad boys wake up in the morning and live their lives to make themselves happy.

Start approving of yourself. Quit living your life to just to make women happy. If you live to make others happy, YOU will never be happy.

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They adapt and overcome. Bad boys suck it up, act like a manpush through it, and move on. They know controlling their emotions is better and more attractive than complaining and acting like a victim. Crying, whining, bitching, and complaining is weak, unattractive, and less effective than dealing with the problem and moving forward. When going through tough times, instead of being the victim, make the conscious decision to adapt, overcome, take the high road, and deal with it.

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Think for yourself. Women read erotic novels because they feature passionate and intense men that women DREAM of meeting. By the way, most of these erotic novels use bad boys as their main characters. Look at 50 Shades of Grey. Wanted nice guy with bad boy image of the most popular erotic novels ever written and the main character is the ultimate bad boy.

Nice guys are full of self-doubt, self pity, and they hold a negative image of themselves in their mind. The bad boy gets outside of his comfort zone and goes after what he wants. If he wants herhe gets it. If he wants to see her again, he tells her. He gets over his insecurities and makes it happen. When he wants something, nothing stands in his way.

Develop the same mindset — when you want something, take action. Make the decision and move towards it ASAP. When she cancels 3 dates with 3 different excuses, the nice guy just keeps asking her out. With bad boys, when she asks for his instead, he walks away. Nice guys are naive, fall in love way too fastand get their hearts stomped to pieces.

He spends time with her, observes, and figures her out. Bad boys who attract a lot of women are smart, experienced, know what they want, and are able to spot nonsense from a mile away. Women want men who handle their problems instead of waiting until they become too much to handle. When problems arise, fix them right away and get rid of them. Caring too much what everyone thinks makes you a nice guy. Caring too much what women think kills the attraction and pushes you into the friend zone.

Women are attracted to unpredictability. Nice guys compare themselves to higher-status and more dominant males and wish they had their life, looks, charm, etc. The bad boy causes women to fall madly in love and then leaves them wanting more for years and years to come. Most bad boys NEVER reveal their true feelings because they know keeping their cards close keeps women close. They give her just enough but not everything she wants. This multiplies the attraction and intensifies her desire.

It feels like being a slave to society. Some think following rules to a fault is a cowardly way to live and some rules are meant to be bent or broken. Nice guys make money just to spend it on women who will give them approval. Nice guys also spend a lot of time coming up with the newest and sneakiest way to manipulate women into giving them approval. This is a good article, actually!

This article brings up some very valid points.

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Whatever, this guy been saying is real. This is the Bible of men in relationships. More like Fail Boy! Look after yourself first, live your life and live up to the standards you set for yourself. The only person you have to impress is the one in the mirror. Go out with a woman only if she complements your life. If she doesnt like you for who you are…. NEXT her. Good article, but this is a sure fire way to actually lose the woman of your dreams. See, we dont want the pushover guy but we also dont want the guy who is a complete arrogant asshole either. The Good Ones know how to fuck the nail polish off our fingers AND apologize when they have offended us.

The Good Ones know when to act selfishly and when to give us what we want. The Good Ones know when to be nice in front of our friends, family, and anyone that is important to us and when to be bad when its the two of us and we are out running the fuck of the town. Every guy has a nice guy and a bad boy in him. The key is finding that balance. Dont smack my ass in front of my parents, yet dont apologize for smacking my ass to hard while youre pounding me. Everything here is sbout what the girl wants from the guy. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by.

Even though I was nicer than other guys, tried my hardest, and followed all of the dating advice, I used to suck big time with women, dating, and relationships. Despite being the nice, generous, thoughtful, and loving guy I thought women wanted, once they got to know me, the attraction disappeared.

The day my girlfriend left me for her ex 30 minutes after hearing he got out jail was the day I decided to get serious, figure out EXACTLY what I was doing wrong, and make some changes.

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The next 5 years of my life were spent focusing only on studying psychology, human behavior, effective communication, and leadership, and meeting and dating one woman after another to test out and fine tune what I was learning. Your dating and relationship problems have nothing to do with the women and have everything to do with your mindset, behavior, habits, and decisions. No matter how screwed up and hopeless your situation seems right now, I can help you improve it.

How Attracting Women Really Works 2nd Edition — What to think, do, and say to make women want you as more than just a friend. Declare War on Yourself — Boost self-esteem and confidence. Become more mature. Attract higher-quality women. Texting Titan! Great book! Short, sweet and to the point.

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I almost felt like a buddy of mine was reading and telling me these things. Now wish me luck as I am determined to use these 72 rules! Keep up the stellar work! This is my new beginning. Marc is not only brilliant but very knowledgeable. He utilizes his real life experiences to advise other what to do and what not to do.

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At the end of the day, whenever I find my relationship going South, I revert back to 72 ways. Because it's the most effective and makes the most sense. And I've sought advice from the entire Internet! I've even talked to Marc on the phone and he's the same guy as he is on this audiobook.

Trust me when I say this will be money well spent! Thanks Marc! Of course, within a week she left me. I knew I was the problem. I found you on YouTube and everything you said made sense. It cuts through the bullshit, all the Freudian psychoanalysis crap that has never helped me.

It puts things in context of real life. If you can help me you can help anyone. Exactly what I've been needing and looking for. So it has open my mind and curiosity. But everyone wants to make Big money off on poor suckers. So i had to be careful of the scam artist and those coaches that are charging an arm and a leg for their advice. Well I read a bit of your stories on your before buying your product and you sounded more legit without trying to Rip-off someone for sharing a valuable experience and information.

The information is applicable to life, personal, business, friendships, relationships, etc. Marc, I cannot thank you enough, nor can say enough about your work being head and shoulders above the other information out there. I have been struggling with this so long, I look forward to this new chapter in my life.

Wanted nice guy with bad boy image

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